Crossdressing Kimmie Sweetie

Welcome to my page! This page will have all my pictures, videos and writings from around the net. I have separated my content in different sections. This is called the main section which is basically general audience material. The Naughty section is for sexier content showing undergarments or general fetish related stuff. The foot section will have all my foot fetish content for foot fans. If you don't like feet don't go there. The adult section has all my nude, sex and masturbation content. If you're not an adult you should not go there! Enjoy!

Hi everyone! It's been so long since I updated this page so I felt I needed to do it. We all made it to 2012 and let's hope we'll make it to 2013. I have some updates I am planning for this year on my page. First thing I really need to add all my videos and pictures to this page. I want this page to be everything about me and everything I do on the internet in one place. I also want to make sure my naughty pictures and videos are in a different section so it's not shown on the front page. Not sure exactly how I want to do that. I might just have an adult section for anyone to view if they choose or only allow members. I'll make that decision later but I don't want to charge anything for it.

Speaking about money I will allow donations and gifts in the future. I don't like asking for stuff so I'll just provide a way for people to do what they want. I will not guarantee any special privileges if you do buy gifts for me but I will remember you more. I might put a few more ads on this site but will try to keep it small. I don't need money to run this site. I run this site off of a server I have for my business and it's already cheap. But it would be nice for it to pay for itself especially for the domain name.

So recently I made a video on YouTube and I have a few more videos I am editing for the future. I didn't think I would buy anything big this year but I have. I bought myself a blackberry playbook and a lg optimus V phone. I used to have a really old blackberry phone with T-mobile. I couldn't pass up virgin's mobile deal for $35 and $50 off of a new phone. I am so glad I did that. I am saving $10 a month and I get internet access which I didn't get on T-Mobile. Downside is I only get 300 minutes for calling but I don't do much calls anyway. Should not be a problem unless I find someone special I want to talk to.

Here are some new pictures I have showing me in my makeup, new heels and just trying to be sexy:

Picture of me in my makeupMy new red heels which I love.Trying to be sexy

Look for new updates sometime this year on this page and in other places. I am hoping to upload a YouTube video this week talking about me going to vidcon conference in June. I do have a profile and 2 videos right now on xhamster. I saw someone uploading some of my videos from xtube on xhamster so I figured I better make a profile there and upload my own stuff. It's been fun and hope to upload more. Remember just because I do have naughty pictures and video doesn't mean I want sex all the time. My sex drive is a lot lower now than it was 10 years ago. I really am looking for a friendship first and if I can find someone I truly like then maybe a relationship.

Wow you are so beautiful, Kimmie! Would love to go out with you!

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