Crossdressing Kimmie Sweetie

Welcome to my page! This page will have all my pictures, videos and writings from around the net. I have separated my content in different sections. This is called the main section which is basically general audience material. The Naughty section is for sexier content showing undergarments or general fetish related stuff. The foot section will have all my foot fetish content for foot fans. If you don't like feet don't go there. The adult section has all my nude, sex and masturbation content. If you're not an adult you should not go there! Enjoy!

Well this is the day before I post my 100th video on YouTube. First I never expected to last this long on YouTube. I can be a big tease and a bit naughty. 2 videos did get flagged and deleted  more then a year ago. Ever since then I haven't had a problem. I also never thought I would actually be talking in my videos when I started my channel. I couldn't imagine changing my voice to be feminine enough. I also didn't really expect to be accepted in the transgendered community. So with all these things accomplished I am really happy what I have done. I am really enjoying sharing my life and feelings with everyone. It's really important to let all my feelings and emotions out even if some might not like what I like. My reasons for cross dressing might be different from others but I feel very accepted. This is the main reason why I am doing something special for my 100th video. I want to do it for myself and for everyone out there who are there for me.

The video is all ready to be rendered but I have a minute or two I want to add for the intro. I'll be doing that video tonight. I just got my new artificial fingernails in the mail so I want to try them on tonight. I think next time I buy some I need a bigger size. I thought a medium size would be good but a large would be better probably. I am hoping they will all fit and I can show them off for tomorrow's and Christmas video. I'm so excited!! 5 hours more then I can start dressing up. That's when my housemates rest and get ready for sleep. I can have privacy at that time until the morning. Going to try to do some things for my Christmas video too. So busy and excited.

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