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Kimmie Sweetie 13 years ago
Chatting about Chaz Bono and Glee

Today I wanted to chat about some serious stuff. I watched the documentary on chaz bono which was amazing. I really loved it and it made me further understand about being transgender. It touched me so much that I have made a donation to pflag and now a member. There's a local chapter if I ever need support so that's really good. I also wanted to chat about Glee which is one of my favorite shows. I love musicals so this show just was perfect. I do have some problems with it but I addressed the two men kissing controversy that happened a few weeks ago. When someone thinks a gay kiss is more disgusting than cheating, lying and unsafe teenage sex then there is something wrong with them. Don't worry about two guys kissing or gay marriage when being married is a joke and many straight couples ruined marriage already. How many marriages end in divorce for adultery or domestic violence? Too Many!

This is a video which was uploaded to YouTube HERE.

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