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Welcome to my page! This page will have all my pictures, videos and writings from around the net. I have separated my content in different sections. This is called the main section which is basically general audience material. The Naughty section is for sexier content showing undergarments or general fetish related stuff. The foot section will have all my foot fetish content for foot fans. If you don't like feet don't go there. The adult section has all my nude, sex and masturbation content. If you're not an adult you should not go there! Enjoy!

I am writing this post on a rather hot day. It's not too hot for the air conditioner at least. I am actually looking forward to summer. The problem with heat for me is that I get uncomfortable dressing up as Kimmie. The wig is what really gets me hot especially when I use the lighting for videos. I want to make sure everyone knows I have been posting videos on Youtube which I also posted the same videos on this site. I have also made some other videos for other sites but I'll talk about those in my mature posts later.

New videos:

I really am enjoying life at this time. I feel like I have helped some great people out throughout the years. The messages I have received recently just made me so happy. I am so glad I am able to help out by informing others about cross-dressing or by being supportive of them. There are many reasons for people to cross-dress and I respect and accept everyone as long as you're not doing anything to hurt others or forcing yourself on others. It's my main reason I have broken my website into different sections so anyone can enjoy my site without being forced to see something that they don't want to see. I am always here to listen to anyone who's going through problems or just need some advice. I try to help out the best I can. Life is so special and so many wonderful people out there who sometimes need a hand to shine.

I do have to say this month has been quite emotional for me for some reason. Maybe it's all the touching and wonderful messages I have received. I've talked to some interesting people and really enjoyed the time. I have a few more videos that will be posted very soon. I made an introduction video for my Youtube channel I want to try out and something for some crushing fans I have. Another vlog will be coming out in a few days as well. I have more plans to do new videos for the summer too. So keep looking for them! Hugs and kisses to you all!

Joey Trans
Hey Kimmie! I love the new look of your page. I really miss our hot video chats where we jerked off together. I hope you are doing well and can update with more pictures and videos! Kisses!

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