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Today was the day I went to a local park fully dressed up. I have a lot to say about it so I thought a blog post would be better then a vlog on youtube. I can say more here. The day started with a shower. I then picked out a dress. I wanted something not too short. My brown dress was a perfect fit. I also wanted to cover up a bit of my shoulders and this did just that. So I put on my panties, pantyhose, slip and dress on. I decided to wear one of my bikini panties which is really tight so it could hide any bulge I might get. Then I put on socks, men's jeans and a men's polo shirt. This covered up my dress and painted toenails nicely. Now to pack everything I needed for my transformation. I wanted to stop someplace at the park to put on my makeup. I remembered to take everything but my makeup remover. Sigh!

I found out I forgot my makeup remover while I was putting on my makeup. No turning back now but that meant I couldn't use my long lasting lipstick. All I had to take my makeup off was a towel. I didn't even bring a water bottle which I wanted to bring. Well I got my makeup on to the point I feel comfortable with. The place I decided to park was great for putting on makeup but not to go outside. There wasn't any place to sit down or be out of of view from others. My main thing was not to make a scene. So I drove to another parking lot which was a lot less busy. But It was still hard to find a parking lot with no cars. Thought I found the perfect place so I started to take off my men's clothes and put my heels and wig on. After all that a car parked in the same lot so I decided to move again. I thought I found a perfect place. Found a place near a baseball field with some benches which was out of the way of view from most. I made sure I looked as good as I could and then got out of my car. Walked to the benches which I didn't feel I walked very feminine. I was so nervous at this point. Walking wasn't something I was worried about. Made it to the benches and started to record my video.

Picture of me outside

I was getting a bit more comfortable after a minute. It was a place where cars could drive by but it wasn't very easy to see me closely. The one problem was there were a lot of park workers around. They were cleaning, mowing the grass and doing other maintenance work. There were like 15 workers walking around picking up trash and leaves around the place. I thought they were on the other side of the park so didn't think they would be coming my way. I was wrong. There must have been a few teams of them walking around. After 3 minutes I saw 2 young workers walking right by the benches. I had eye contact with one of them. Not sure what he thought but they kept on walking. This made me very nervous so I started to look around and saw the bigger group walking towards me. I didn't want a scene so I got up and walked back to my car. By this time they were walking close to my car so I just walked and got into my car not looking at any of them. Started my car and started to drive off. One older guy actually looked at me in a strange way. He got closer to look at me. Not sure why but have never seen that look before. In my mind I think he was sure I was a guy and trying to confirm it so he could tell his friend he was walking with. That scared me. I knew I wasn't in danger because the other workers were around and there were women in that group too. But these older guys which were looking at me seemed to be curious. I wanted to find another parking lot to finish up my video. I couldn't find another private place so I decided to stop and go home.

I recorded about 3 1/2 minutes. I wanted to record myself walking and take some pictures but that look from that guy just spooked me too much. I took all my makeup off and got back into my men's clothes. There was a bike rider I've seen around the park. I passed him as Kimmie a few times. When I got back into man mode I saw him again passing by. Wonder if he saw me and what did he think. I never had eye contact with him and never saw him look at me funny. Actually I didn't see any funny looks from people but this one older guy. The two younger workers who passed by first just looked at me and kept walking. So that was my first cross dressing adventure outside. I don't think I'll be doing that again this month at least. Maybe next year I'll try again and maybe have some help to feel more comfortable.

Sub Ronnie
Hi kimmie,
I also have had park adventures when i did a quick polish over my car. Walking over to moist my cleaning towel and get a drink of water I was called over to the restrooms. I followed a good looking male in. We made our was into the last stall where I gave his uncut cock a wonderful workover. He came in my mouth thanked me. Dressing in public is such a turn on and now do it more often.


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