Crossdressing Kimmie Sweetie

Welcome to my page! This page will have all my pictures, videos and writings from around the net. I have separated my content in different sections. This is called the main section which is basically general audience material. The Naughty section is for sexier content showing undergarments or general fetish related stuff. The foot section will have all my foot fetish content for foot fans. If you don't like feet don't go there. The adult section has all my nude, sex and masturbation content. If you're not an adult you should not go there! Enjoy!

Hi everyone! I bought my domain name months ago but really didn't put too much thought about what I was going to do with it. This is my plan for this site. I want to make this site a place I can post my thoughts and feelings about myself and being transgender. I'll be posting links to my you tube e videos. My xtube clips will be linked here as well. Any posts or comments I make to twitter or Facebook k will be here as well. There might be exclusive posts, pictures or videos on this site that I might not upload anywhere else. In my mind I am seeing this place as a place for my personal blog. YouTube for my personal vlog. Facebook as a social interaction maybe. Twitter with short comments about my daily routines.

So for this year I'll be slowly adding to this page. Showing my outfits. Maybe find a place I can do webcams again. I really do miss the user created rooms of yahoo. I loved doing shows in those rooms. Don't worry, I'm not thinking of charging for anything except for videos on clips4sale. The clips on clips4sale are usually long videos of some clips you might see on xtube. I will be putting up ads and ways for people to buy me clothes or gifts on this page. I don't see myself as a mistress so I won't demand anything but a friendship. Of course I can be dominant especially dealing with foot guys. But I can be submissive too for dominant guys at times. I sometimes describe myself as a complicated person. I have my mood swings which make me feel more masculine or more feminine. I like that side of me actually. Makes me feel alive not knowing how I will feel the next day.

To finish this post I want to thank everyone who has seen my videos and have expressed their sweet thoughts to me. It really means a lot to me knowing I have really nice people who care. Right now this site is small but maybe in time It will have some fun stuff. Who know?

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