Crossdressing Kimmie Sweetie

You are now in the Foot Fetish section which you will find all my Foot related content. I decided to have all my foot pictures and videos here so anybody who doesn't like feet can enjoy my other sections. I also decided to put any adult content in the adult section even if it's foot related. So if you want to see me nude or masturbating with my feet in your face you will have to go to the adult section.

Hello to all my feet lovers in May! If you read my posts on the main page I just received 2 pair of heels. 6" heels and I am loving it. I also have some small toy cars to crush! I took a lot of pictures of those heels so keep on the look out for those next week sometime. I will probably be uploading exclusive videos dealing with feet, heels and other foot related stuff to this page. Youtube can be strict with videos dealing with feet and I don't want to deal with being banned or having my videos deleted. I still will upload foot fetish videos there but I want to be a bit more creative so they might accept it more. I look back at all the videos I uploaded and the videos I show feet and legs are the highest viewed. I still find it funny that my video where I show off using nail polish got flagged for mature audiences. All those nail salons better start  hiding themselves from children.

I really don't understand why showing feet is bad. We shouldn't be concerned of what people are doing while watching the video. It's what the video is about mostly. If I talked about that I want guys to jerk off to my feet then that is an obvious sexual video. But if I talk about a new movie I saw and I only show my feet then there isn't anything sexual about it. I could care less about what people do while they are watching my video or pictures as long as they don't hurt others or me. Making people happy is good! No matter if they are happy watching feet, hands or balloons. Yes there are people with balloon fetishes and there is nothing wrong with it.

I've been having a lot of fun chatting with people who like my feet, legs and other stuff. Please don't feel shy or worried about what I might think. I have heard everything. Let's chat about what you like. I might be able to help you out and make you very happy. Just be sure you remember I am more then just feet. I am a person with feelings too. If you only talk about feet it will get me bored. I don't like when people use me to get off. They log in chat with me for a few minutes. I get them off and then they log off. Do they care about me? Didn't seem like that at all. I rarely ever do cam shows now. Only my good friends who care about me will get a cam show. Even then I still might say no because I am not always in the mood. Time for bed for me so Night and we will talk later!

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