Crossdressing Kimmie Sweetie

You are now in the Foot Fetish section which you will find all my Foot related content. I decided to have all my foot pictures and videos here so anybody who doesn't like feet can enjoy my other sections. I also decided to put any adult content in the adult section even if it's foot related. So if you want to see me nude or masturbating with my feet in your face you will have to go to the adult section.

Welcome to all my foot fans out there. I am so happy for you to join me at my website. I have a foot fetish myself and it started when I was around 12. I remember the day of finding my sisters shoes in the living room. That woke my mind up and started my love of shoes, feet, socks and pantyhose. I thought I was weird and hid all my urges from everyone. I have now found out that I am not weird. Feet are great in every way. Enjoy your love of feet and I will try to give as much as I can to everyone. Make sure to check out all the new videos and pictures I will be uploading this month. Yay

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