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I wanted to let people know that there will be a new video coming up soon that will show me jerking off. It's an instructional video so I hope you will join with me. Many people loved the other video I did like that so I will probably make a lot more. Be sure to check the new videos I have been uploading recently. All of them are from xtube and xhamster. I want to be sure I have a place for you to find the videos even if you can't view them on the other sites for some reason. I am still trying to figure out what I need to do for videos on my clips4sale page. I love giving stuff for free but I would like to make some money too. If you are enjoying what I am giving out for free then please go to my clips4sale page and donate some money or buy a clip. Will help me! I also have an amazon wishlist which I will be advertising more on this page soon. Any little amount helps me get motivated to make more new stuff. If I don't make anything then I have to things when I have some free time.

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