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You are now in the Adult section which you will find all my nude, sex or masturbating content. You must be an adult 18 years or older to be on this page. I have also place any of my foot content with adult situations here also. You can view foot related adult stuff with the menus to the left. Enjoy and have lot of fun!

Welcome to my Adult section for my website. You will see nudity and maybe some sexual content here. I wanted to separate this stuff from the regular stuff because I wanted this site to be for everyone. I started around 10 years ago showing myself as a crossdresser on webcams. At that time I was having lot of fun. I have changed since then and I am really enjoying making my personal blogs helping myself and others. I do enjoy making my sexy content as well but it's not on my mind all the time.

I have made some hot videos for xtube and I recently joined xhamster where I have put 2 videos on there. I will still be making videos and I will put my videos on both of those sites. I do find xhamster is a bit better with the video quality. Xtube sometimes had problems with video conversions but it's a lot faster to upload videos. I'll be uploading all my videos on my site very soon.

I had a good sleep last night. I wore my black slip and nude pantyhose with some silky panties on. I felt so good and sexy. I don't always dress like that every night but I was in the mood. I always love the feeling of pantyhose on my legs. I especially love when I take them off and they are still in the shape of my legs. Looks so hot. I will probably wear them again tonight. I might have a good jerk off later tonight also.

Paula fufi
I love wearing high heels and polishing my toes but I'm gay in closet any advice

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