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You are now in the Foot Fetish section which you will find all my Foot related content. I decided to have all my foot pictures and videos here so anybody who doesn't like feet can enjoy my other sections. I also decided to put any adult content in the adult section even if it's foot related. So if you want to see me nude or masturbating with my feet in your face you will have to go to the adult section.

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Kimmie Sweetie 14 years ago
Cross Dresser New Years Special

I did some video clips for New years. Put together an outfit that fit the New years theme and a hat. Had a fun time trying new things and I made some other silly clips I'll upload later this month. I got back home before midnight on New Years Eve so I did a video of me experiencing some fun in Second Life. Hope you like the little dance and a little singing I did.

This is a video which was uploaded to YouTube HERE.

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