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Kimmie Sweetie 14 years ago
New heels and movie scene reenacting can be fun - Crossdresser

I am sharing some silly stuff in this video with everyone. I show off my new heels and tell you how much I love them. Talk about jury duty and I call to find out if I have to go again. I also talk about my dating experiences and future dating goals. Watched a DVD movie I have been wanting to see after hearing about it from tvsandra1980 on youtube. Repo! The Genetic opera is a fun movie and I liked it a lot. I also talk about my cleavage and how I am trying to make it look better without surgery or expensive products. The silly part is towards the end of the video. around 7:00 in I do a little reenacting of some scenes from movies. I liked the stuff from Rocky horror picture show and Lord of the rings. I hope this will be entertaining even if you laugh at me. I don't mind.

This is a video which was uploaded to YouTube HERE.

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