Crossdressing Kimmie Sweetie

Welcome to my page! This page will have all my pictures, videos and writings from around the net. I have separated my content in different sections. This is called the main section which is basically general audience material. The Naughty section is for sexier content showing undergarments or general fetish related stuff. The foot section will have all my foot fetish content for foot fans. If you don't like feet don't go there. The adult section has all my nude, sex and masturbation content. If you're not an adult you should not go there! Enjoy!

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Kimmie Sweetie 14 years ago
Transvestite Kimmie dressing up to tease in miniskirt

Just a small clip of me dressing up after a webcam show. I am putting on a light blue blouse and have a miniskirt on. Just relaxing in a chair after a good time and then fixing my lipstick a bit.

This is a video which was uploaded to YouTube HERE.

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