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Kimmie Sweetie 11 years ago
2013 Crossdresser Update Part 2

My second upload for 2013 talking about what happened last year and what is going on this year. I talk a bit more about money issues and some health issues recently that I have been going through. I am feeling a bit better but not in the best mood. I felt bringing out Kimmie again might get me in a better mood. Just talking about issues and problems can be so great.

This video is part 2 and probably will have a part 3 soon. I had a lot to say and I talked to the camera for more than an hour. Lot of the editing I am doing in this video is new for me. Cutting out all the pauses and repeats that I do I think helps out with the flow of what I am trying to say. I tried to show my outfit which I finally was able to fit into. I lost enough weight so I can squeeze into my favorite dress. The green screen I used wasn't light perfectly so there are some flaws when I stood up to show my dress. I'll be fixing those problems in the future.

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